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Our aim is always to help young people realise their potential & our bespoke programmes to create lasting change. It's our mission to ensure young people are aware of their strengths & become aware how to take action to make an impact on their life and the lives of others.


The ACTing Habit

Our ACTing Habit programme instils leadership behaviours that last.

Strong & sustained leadership behaviours don't come overnight. They come with time, consistency and routine.

Our ACTing formula builds leadership habits that staff, young people & schools build into their daily routines & behaviours.

The 3 step leadership framework helps young people consider their state, environment & options before starting the decision making process.

Awareness - Increased understanding of environment to shift the focus to the hear and now. What's going on? What's happening? What feelings are here?

Connection - Focuses on how to connect to the things, ideas & people around us to explore the leadership options available to them. Who can I help? Who can help me? What could I do?

Take ACTion - Fighting through the fear to make things happen to make progress. What will I do? When will I do it?

Let's ACT together now!

Learner to Leader in 6 days


This 6 day transformational leadership experience brings leadership skills to life.

Our 'VISION' programme enhances self-belief and equips young people with the mindset to lead and achieve more.

Day 1: Vision - Looking to the future to see the person they want to be and the school they want to create.

Day 2: Identity - Exploring what makes them great and knowing what their skills are.

Day 3: Systems - Creating leadership habits that last.

Day 4: Inspiration - How to stay motivated and build inspiring environments for leading.

Day 5: Opportunity - Seeking out and grasping opportunities to learn and lead.

Day 6: Network - Creating leadership connections that build sustainable leadership behaviours.

We bring our ACTing Habit to life to create leadership change that lasts.

Let's ACT now and change the way young people see themselves!

The Leader Within

We unpick the term leadership & raise the roof on what youth leadership is all about. We demystify the misconceptions which exist to develop reflective, courageous & future focused behaviours that encourage young people to take action.

By the end of this leadership experience, young people will see a huge shift in their confidence, understand their superpowers & start stepping into their leader within.

My Vision - Creating a positive space for leading & learning. Introduces young people to taking courageous steps towards their learning & personal development.

My Journey - Allows young people to reflect on their life, explore who they are & how they became to be the person they are today.

My Network - Raising awareness to the positive & negative influences in their lives. What to focus more on, where to seek help & how they can be more courageous.

My Guest - An inspirational guest visits to speak to the young people about their life, their leadership style & leaves them with tips on how to make a difference in your own life.

My Brand - Exploration of personalised branding. How to build this to make a bigger impact on their life.

My Strengths - Young people will know, name & own their strengths, link these to their life & know how to apply these to their future.

Bright Futures

We're consistent in providing space for young people to think about their future & recongnise their skills & personal attributes. Our inspirational, career focused programmes give young people the confidence to take on the application process to apply for jobs & interview with confidence.

Breaking down the barriers of job & university applications & support young people through high impact interview readiness programes.

Our 'NEET No Way', 'Confidence in My Career' & 'Inspiring Interviews' programmes support young people throughout the whole application process so then know how to submit applications that make an impact.

One to One Coaching & Mentoring

Our one to one coaching & mentoring services give young people the tools and techniques to aspire & grow into confident leaders.

We create safe & courageous spaces to help young people to dive deep into their specific & individuaised needs. These future focused sessions challenge young people to take action, think hard about how they can develop & gain support in taking their next steps.

These transformational sessions support academic achievement, wellbeing & behaviour to create lasting mindset shifts. When young people see, know and own theirs strengths, they shift into next level leadership behaviours.

Whether you work in education or you're a parent wanting to see results in young people, this is for you!

Leadership Retreats

Our inspiring leadership retreats give young people & school teachers time away to really connect. Getting away can make a huge difference to the way we see ourselves & each other. These retreats provide opportunities to reflect and develop new & improved ways of working and leading.

These bespoke experiences help young people develop strong relationships, learn from each other and plan for their next steps.

We know how to make young people feel great and recognise their strengths. A retreat with us will boost confidence and ensure that young people are ready to take on challenges that come their way and seek out opportunities to allow them to further develop.

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